Testing for Mold

Although checking for mold seems like a simple process for us professionals here at Mold Inspection NYC, it is actually a very well defined and complicated process. The most Mold Inspection NYC Inc. Testingimportant aspects of conducting proper testing involves the cooperation of the clients, the use of a reputable certified mold laboratory and the following of proper protocol guidelines set forth by industry standards.

When inspecting for toxic mold it is important that it is not raining outdoors since this can skew the outdoor air sample result. Other important things to consider include making sure all the windows and doors are closed while the services are being performed and turning off the HVAC system.

Once the process is completed it will take several days to receive the results back from the laboratory in most cases. Once the results are received your inspector will need to carefully look them over and discuss them with you. This discussion often includes various recommendations that one can implement on their own in the event of minor mold levels as well as recommendations to locate a qualified professional to address problems detected with more serious results.

The actual testing procedure does not require a long period of time. Air samples in most cases need to run for 5 minutes. And to obtain a surface sample with a swab only takes a couple of minutes as well. You can expect to spend roughly around 30 min. in the presence of the inspector while the process is performed. During this time you are encouraged to ask as many questions as are on your mind and your inspector will be happy to do his very best to provide you with the most accurate and ethical answers.

Mold Inspection NYC values your business, your questions and your opinions. Please make certain to contact us if we can be of any assistance.