About Us

Mold Inspection NYC specializes in mold testing for both residential and commercial buildings. We are very unique in that we do not do any mold removal, which eliminates the potential conflicts of interest that have plagued our industry for so long. It is our focus to provide our clients with that unbiased third party opinion so that they can move forward with confidence and security in the decisions they make.

We strive to offer expedited service to all of our clients without charging an arm and a leg above and beyond our standard rates and have done so for the past thirteen years and will continue to do our very best to remain better than competitive for the various types of testing procedures necessary when a mold concern exists.

Please give us a call to further discuss your needs and how we can assist you to address them from a professional standpoint. We can be reached by phone at 646-439-0666 and when not immediately available you can be confident that your call will be addressed in a timely fashion.

Mold Inspection NYC services the majority of the metropolitan New York area including Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and parts of Long Island as well.