Removing Mold

In some cases removing mold is very simple. In other cases it can be quite challenging and downright dangerous. You will have to determine for yourself which category your mold situation falls into.

Mold Inspection NYC Inc.Simple mold removal is often performed by a homeowner or tenant when there is literally a very small quantity of visible mold and no truly significant moisture event has taken place. This can be your common bathroom mold, whether it be on the shower ceiling or beneath the sink, or it could be your common closet mold (mold loves the back of dark closets). Now everyone’s sensitivity and health conditions will be different so I will not recommend anyone who has doubts, immune system problems or is elderly, to even consider touching visible mold. However for the record, even agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency have set standards of allowable levels of mold that a healthy individual can remove on their own. Now seeing all that goes on in this industry, if you have more than a handful of mold I think is it is a wise decision to at least have it tested to determine the type of mold and the source of the mold growth should be further investigated. When I say source I’m specifically referring to why there is either elevated humidity present or active water damage from either plumbing or an exterior wall.

Large quantities of visible mold should always be left for a professional. Health risks have been documented time and time again when it comes to exposure to large quantities of mold and even more so when disturbing the mold. Professionals will actually dress up in a bio-hazard Hazmat suit to ensure their personal safety in conjunction with wearing an appropriate respirator.

We are here for you when you need us for testing. Proper procedure is to always test both the air and contaminated surfaces prior to retaining the services of a mold remediation company. We at Mold Inspection NYC do not conduct mold remediation as this prevents any conflict of interest and allows us to provide a 100% unbiased opinion when testing for mold based on both visual observations and lab testing results.